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Kuching Festival 2016

Piosa's 2016 at Kuching Festival!

It's our very first time to be at the Kuching festival stall, but now can get to us at Piosa Stampin Lot 11722, Block 16 KCLD,Sherip Masahor Road, 93350 Kuching.

Piosa Tarts
Hong Kong Egg tarts, Japanese Cheese Tart and Portuguese Tart are now available at Piosa

Golden Sand Bun

With the combination of yolk and cheese, brings out the inner beauty of food!

Chicken Bun

Some says this reminds them of their childhood moments, what do you think? Maybe that's how they got their name.


Probably the most wanted dish for food lovers! Try this colorful caterpillars from us! It will definitely change your preference!

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